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The Last Meal

By Jonathan May Growing up my family had a Rooster, cats and a dog. The bond you share with an animal over time is priceless. This film is my chance to show the world that we have an issue, with over 2 million dogs being euthanized every year we have a lack of compassion. This…

Our little cutie Kipper featured on Channel 10

Take a look at our new TV star Kipper who was featured on Channel 10 this morning (10 May 2022)!  Please note that Kipper has now been adopted and is very happy in her new home.   To find out more about Kipper check out her profile here.  

‘Pounds overflowing’: Dogs being dumped as workers return to office

From the SMH Jan 10th 2022 It started 52 years ago with Woody, the first Labrador bought by Elizabeth and Hugh Gent when the couple got off the boat from England with barely two pennies to rub together. Today Mr Gent, the president of Dogs Australia, can detail the subsequent 15 generations of dogs bred…

Interview with Monika Biernacki (Pittwater Online News)

Readers were happy to hear the great news that Sydney’s largest NO KILL animal welfare organisation Doggie Rescue, had reached a new milestone and had saved 12,000 dogs from death row, re-homing each of them with loving families. That is 12,000 healthy, loving creatures who would otherwise have faced certain death and become a statistic.…

Dogs and cats forgotten in work upheaval

AS SYDNEY emerges from yet another round of lockdowns, animal shelters are reminding people that pets are for life, not just for the pandemic. Last year’s lockdown led to a documented surge in the number of Australians adopting pets as a cure to isolation-induced boredom and loneliness. But as restrictions eased, shelters around NSW reported…

Meet the woman saving Sydney’s abandoned dog population

Most of us are aware of the plight facing pound dogs. Each year, hundreds of thousands of animals are abandoned to shelters or the streets. Left alone and facing a potential death sentence, the future for these unloved pooches is uncertain and bleak. Thankfully, a handful of selfless individuals across the country are offering glimmers…

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Rescuing cats and dogs means there is always a lot of work to do.

If there is something else you can help us with, or if you need to know more, just contact us using one of the methods shown on the following link.  We'd love to hear from you!

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