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Become a Life Saver


You can help secure the long term future of by becoming a Life Saver with a regular monthly donation.

For thousands of Sydney families, life without the joy and companionship of their DoggieRescue dog is unthinkable.

Yet, these cherished pets narrowly escaped destruction in council pounds.

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The scale of the problem is unimaginable.


Every year, thousands of perfectly healthy dogs and cats in NSW council pounds face a lonely end by lethal injection. We can only imagine their bewilderment and fear. currently saves hundreds of dogs and cats every year. In weekly trips to council pounds our volunteers save as many dogs as possible. These become “our dogs”, receiving immediate medical care, de-sexing, vaccination and micro-chipping before joining scores of others to await a loving family at our shelter, “Doggiewood”, in Ingleside.

Please help us to continue our work…

Our animals receive veterinary care, rehabilitation, love, food and shelter until they are fostered or adopted into a loving home.


The running costs of our operation are considerable and increasing. We receive no government funding and rely exclusively on donations.

In this economic climate our need for support has never been greater.

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Signing up as a Life Saver is an easy way to express your love and commitment to the doggies and cats that no one else cares about.

With your regular monthly contribution our life-saving work will continue.

$29 / month

Your contribution pays for the monthly food & shelter costs for 1 animal

$29 per month – Food & Shelter Supporter

$49 / month

Your contribution pays for the monthly food, shelter and veterinary costs for 1 animal

$49 per month – Food, Shelter & Veterinary Costs

$79 / month

Your contribution pays for the food, shelter and veterinary costs for 1 animal and helps our program to grow

$79 per month – Food, Shelter, Veterinary and Program Expansion

$ other

Become a life saver supporter by setting your own regular donation amount (minimum $10 / month)

$ per month - Life Saver Supporter - set your own amount - (minimum $10)

Please note: we use PayPal to process your donations securely. Most donations are tax-deductible and we will send you a receipt


Adopt or
Foster a PET

See our dogs and cats available for adoption and foster.


Making a One off Donation

We welcome one-off tax-deductible donations at any time.

The best way is to donate on-line using your PayPal or your credit card.  

Just click on the Donate button!

Sponsor one of our pets


PROMOTE has expanded our sponsorship program to include not only DOGGIES but CATS and BUNNIES as well, so there is a choice of pets for you to help. Cost is just $49.00 per month which is tax deductible. There is nothing so worthwhile than the feeling you receive when a homeless animal finds their forever home and it is amazing to be a part of it all.


You can also visit your sponsored pet for some one on one cuddle time or take them for a walk around the lovely open spaces at Ingleside. Some sponsors love to give their sponsored pets little treats of their favourite food or presents of toys. Sponsorship is so very important to our animals as it gives them an extra chance of finding their forever home that much quicker and also if you can visit them, some TLC too. Please book your visit by emailing


You can also promote and share your sponsored pet on your social media.


Sponsorship of a dog is a great birthday or even Christmas present!

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Leaving a Bequest


There are millions of pets in Australia and the majority of them spend their entire lives in kind and loving homes where they are treated as one of the family. Some pets though are not as lucky. Whether they are carelessly lost or cruelly abandoned, provides a lifeline for many hundreds of pets every year. It is for these unfortunate animals that exists. gives all these pets a second chance in life. Despite providing this service receives no public funding, relying entirely on public donations. It costs over $1m per year to run

Legacies are very important to our current income, and this page will tell you how you can help by leaving a legacy in your Will for the pets who will find their way to us in the future.