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Corporate Volunteering Days

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Why spend your Corporate Volunteering day with us?

Corporate Volunteering days with DoggieRescue are a wonderful way to show rescue animals that you care, and to learn more about animal welfare and how an animal shelter works.

Corporate Volunteer days provide a unique bonding experience for members of your team.

Participants begin the day with an informal chat with our coordinator to learn more about animal wellbeing and the work of DoggieRescue.

This is followed by a brief tour of the facility and the opportunity to be involved in some of the Shelter daily tasks.

Then (the best part of the day!) participants are able to walk some of our dogs around the beautiful bushland at Ingleside on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

  • Half Day- $75pp
  • Full Day - $120pp
  • Free as part of our "Staffy" and "Great Dane" Partnerships Packages

We are able to host Corporate Volunteering days on any Tuesday through Friday during the year, except during school holidays.

Because we offer a highly personalised experience (and don't want to alarm the dogs!) we limit participation to 10 volunteers at a time.

  • It costs over $1 million a year to run DoggieRescue
  • The vast majority of our costs are funded via donations from the Public
  • We have rehomed over 13,500 dogs and 550 cats
  • We are one of the few no-kill shelters - dogs in our care are safe with us for the rest of their lives or until adopted
  • Not only is it good for you, a Corporate Volunteering day helps DoggieRescue continue its work, and provides some stimulation for the dogs in our shelter:

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Our doggies are patiently waiting to greet you!

Become a Volunteer

Rescuing dogs and cats means there is always a lot of work to do.

Join our dedicated team of volunteers who are always in desperate need of extra hands to help care for our animals. Click here to read more about current volunteer jobs.

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