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DoggieRescue Forever Homed Pet Questionnaire

So that we can look after and find a Forever Home for your pet, it is important that you keep us updated with your pet’s information, especially with any changes with medication or medical conditions. Please also advise any neighbours, friends, family or solicitor that your pets are registered Forever Homed with DoggieRescue.com. We encourage you to complete every field in this questionnaire, and to provide other information where possible in the free-format fields. Please supply photos of your pets where possible, so we may identify them if collected.

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    Please upload one or more photos of your pet if you have some, so that we can identify it.
    Please provide details of routine vaccinations that you give to your pet, and also other preventative medication such as worming, tick/flea protection etc.
    Please provide details of any long-term or chronic medical conditions of your pet, including details of any medication required to control symptoms
    Please provide details of any specific behaviour issues with your pet, eg separation anxiety, dog or child aggression, barking, storm phobia etc.
    What food does you pet prefer, when is he/she fed on a daily basis, when and how far is it walked? Where does he/she prefer to sleep? Are there any special objects (toys etc) that should be collected with the pet? Does the pet have any allergies?
    Please write down anything else that you think would help us find an appropriate Forever Home for you pet.
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