We had to say goodbye to Ziggy last night.

He had a tumour that was growing exponentially somewhere in his belly.

Ziggy was a rescue dog who lived a tough life until we adopted him.

He pee’d on everything we owned.

He would pee on the shopping bags when we brought them home.

He pee’d on my socks.

He pee’d on the living room rug that we replaced on numerous occasions.

He pee’d on the the skirting board by the front door in the same place for months until it expanded and puffed up like loaf of Wonder White.

He had a willy that was out of proportion to the size of his body. It wouldn’t have looked wrong on a dog three times his size.

He had a crooked smile, largely due to an outgrowing tooth.

He had the quintessential puppy dog eyes. Which I assume he had evolved to make up for his penchant for pee’ing on everything.

It was very hard to stay angry at him. Even if he’d just pee’d on your newly purchased shoes.


He and Bobo (his reluctant live in partner) were part of our lives.

We will miss him.

He’ll pee on the Pearly Gates as he walks through to a better place and if the clouds look a little more yellow tonight you’ll know why.

RIP Ziggy.


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