We were privileged to share our lives with you for only 5 years but what wonderful years those were! Because we already had two boisterous doggies at home – Chimpy & Damien (both ex DoggieRescue boys) we decided to foster you for few months. But from the first day you arrived home, we knew we could not part so you joined our family. You were such a feisty, confident little girl, always trying to ‘top’ the boys!

– Miss you taking me for a walkie – you knew the way and did not let me get away with changing the route!

– Miss you coming to the front door to greet me and trying to talk – I have many videos recorded you of replying ‘hawo’ over and over again to my hello and when I said ‘I love you’ you always replied ‘iwoviu’ – I know you were trying to tell me you loved me too.

– Miss you letting me know it is our ‘beddie’ time – you were very persistent…

– Miss you sharing fruit with me – mangoes and pears were your favourite!

– Miss cuddling you in my arms and watching you sleep.

– Miss the ‘good night’ rituals – you would not settle until you had 3 tiny pieces of biscuit and a kiss on the little head.

– Bobby misses the touch of your soft mouth on his slipper gobbling up food he had placed there for you

– And your hard little head with its flowing white locks

– And your ears twitching like little radars at the sound of our voices

All our love for a special and gentle soul xxxooo

We miss you always and forever.

We love you always and forever.

We hope your spirit is at peace and you are back in perfect health

Say hello to Chimpy and give him our love; he will look after you like he always did.

Till we meet again, all the love and kisses from Mummy and Bobby


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