There are a million reasons as to why dogs find themselves with Monika.  Shep had been returned by her adopted family after three years.

They didn’t want her anymore but their loss was our gain.

Shep was a small dog with a big heart, brave and intelligent.   She lived life by her rules and had an indomitable spirit.  She was our lieutenant who kept our other dogs in check and taught them their manners.

Shep made us laugh when we first heard her “sing” loud enough to wake the neighbours at 5am.  She was a marvellous curiosity, she didn’t walk but pranced with her tail held high showing the white underside.  She always attracted attention and people would stop to ask what kind of dog she was.   In the park one day, she was mistaken for a possum and to her consternation, children loved her.

Most importantly for the brief time Shep was with us she taught us, that you are only as “small” as you feel and to treasure the time spent together in unconditional love.

RIP little Shep, we will always love you.

John and Lori Wong


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