In Loving Memory



In March 2000 we adopted Sasch, a German Shepherd X (we decided she must be crossed with greyhound because she ran like the wind and her hindquarters were fine and delicate, as she was.)

I travelled from Hunter Valley to Asquith to meet her and (hopefully) to bring her home. As soon as I arrived at her foster home and we were introduced she stayed by my side as I looked around, she seemed to say “I’m your dog”.

I brought her home to our 40 acre property and we went for a walk, she stayed with me or, if she ran ahead, she stopped and waited for me. When I took her to meet our local vet he pronounced her “A beautiful dog, without an aggressive bone in her body”. And so it proved to be. She grew up with children from birth onwards. Some of those children are young adults now (one of them is a vet) She was unfailingly gentle with all of them. This is not to say she was inactive, far from it! She loved to run and to chase Kongs, numerous Kongs, all of which ended up in the bottom of the dam! She loved to swim and to dive into the dam to retrieve sticks. She made friends with other dogs, ultimately becoming the “doggie matriarch” of the neighbourhood! She was loved by all who knew her, for her absolute good nature and affectionate manner. In the last couple of years she became totally deaf and was diagnosed with Cancer but her wonderful temperament stayed. She seemed to be responding well to treatment so that when the end came it seemed very sudden. She died with friends and was, respectfully, buried in our garden. None of us touched by her will ever forget her.

Our beloved Sasch who, in the words of my granddaughter, was “Such a person!” She gave us almost 13 years of joy and love.


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