Approximately 13 years ago my Mum decided she wanted a companion for our then doggie Ziggy. She knew she wanted a female with ‘perky ears’ and was determined to call her Dusty (as in Springfield). A trip to Monika’s helped her find a little flufffy girl named Iggy which we thought highly coincidental as it rhymed with Ziggy. She was rather shy and upon being brought home spent most of the first day hiding under a bed. When she emerged finally and began to meet us all Mum decided she was more of a Rosie because of her strawberry blond fur and lovely long lashes.

Rosie was always a little wary of strangers and could take her time trusting people. Once she did though she was incredibly sweet and affectionate. My husband Dave nicknamed her ‘Floozy’ as she seemed to love boys and would love to cuddle up next to him as well as my sister’s boyfriend. I liked to call her our Princess as she loved nothing better than settling onto a nest of cushions, posing prettily and looking both regal and content.

She had a silly streak in her too. Walkies was always exciting for her and involved barking bossily at her brother Charlie and nipping at Mum’s heels. She loved to bounce along the grass like a spring lamb and had this cute habit where she would look at you and her mouth would be moving as though she was having a chat with you and telling you about her day.

Always polite, Rosie would never snatch treats out of your hand, preferring to delicately take them from your fingers and eat them quietly. Eating was somewhat of a private matter for Rosie, also because her brother Charlie is a bit of a guts and would happily eat from her bowl as well as his own.

We just lost Rosie on 13/12/13 and we will miss her sweetness and silliness in equal measures. We are so thankful to Monika’s for bringing her into our lives and will continue to support the great work that you do.

We’ll never forget you Rosie Posie, our sweet little floozy. We will miss your fluffy face xoxo

With unending puppy love from the Franklin Family.


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