Rocky is most likely a Pomeranian x Shih Tzu, about 12 years, who came into our care as a Private Surrender in March 2023, as his owner was no longer able to care for him.  He has a low-shedding coat that needs regular clipping and weighs 8.8kg.

Rocky is a sweet and very affectionate boy, walks well on lead, and is very social with other small dogs. He has a calm nature and is easy to groom. He is a lovely boy, and very obedient!

Rocky is quite active for his age and has had recent vet checks including a dental with removal of a fractured tooth and umbilical hernia repair.

He does have a heart murmur but does not need any medication.

Rocky comes when called but is not a fan of being picked up.


Rocky’s ideal home

Rocky is a pretty easy-going dog, suited to apartment living, and could be a companion for another small dog.  He seems to be social with most other dogs. He does not appear to have any significant medical issues at the moment.

He is still quite active and you would need to commit to taking him for daily walks.

As he is wary of being picked up, you would need to spend a little time with him to gain his trust, and learn to pick him up in a confident manner.   We don’t believe this would take long, but he will probably always have an issue with unwanted attention by visitors to your home.  For this reason we recommend that you have experience with wary dogs.

He does not appear to suffer from separation anxiety, and we believe he would sleep quietly if you were out of the home for a few hours.

If you think you can provide Rocky with an ideal home, and are interested in meeting him, please send Monika your details on or give her a call on (02) 9486 3133.

His public adoption profile is available on our website here.


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