Harry is a young and bright Ridgeback x Staffy boy, born on January 9 this year.

His owner surrendered him to DoggieRescue as one of three pups, as she could not care for them properly. He has been socialised with other medium sized dogs and pups, and has had some training, knowing “sit” and “come”!

At 17 weeks Harry weighed 12.1kg and is the quickest and most compliant learner in the litter. He walks well on lead.

Harry’s Ideal home:

Harry will be a large active dog, and will need a house with garden to play around in.  Ridgebacks can get bored easily, so he will need to be kept occupied most of the time.  Physical activity is also important, and he will need at least 60 minutes of active exercise per day, which can include runs or long hikes with you or your family.

If you don’t think Harry is the dog for you, you may like to investigate his brother Henry!

Harry would get on fine with older kids, but not with anyone under 10yrs, simply because of his size.

Ideally you will have raised large-breed puppies before, and you must be willing to undertake socialisation and behaviour training.

You need to be respected by your Ridgeback X but not feared.

As he is still just a puppy, he will need to be fed an appropriate and high-quality diet, and this almost certainly will mean several meals a day.  Ridgebacks have a reputation for enjoying their food, and their size means they have the potential to steal food from counter-tops!

Ideally he should not be left alone for a lot of the time, but we think he should be able to cope with a few hours on his own. But it would be ideal if someone was at home most of the time.

However if there is no-one at home for a long time he is likely to get bored and potentially destructive.  This is a feature of Ridgebacks because they are so smart!

If you think you can provide Harry  with an ideal home, and are interested in meeting him, please send Monika your details on monika@doggierescue.com or give her a call on (02) 9486 3133.

His public adoption profile is available on our website here: Harry


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