Frenchie has just celebrated her first birthday, being born on May 22nd 2022.

She is a very pretty Staffy X Kelpie weighing just over 20kgs.

She joined us a young pup from Gilgandra in poor condition, but she has returned to good health whilst in our care.

She is from a working-dog background, razor-sharp and very trainable.  She sits and stays, takes treats gently, gives up a ball easily and is good with kids.

She seems to get on well with other similar-sized dogs, especially her sister Olivia!

She has no known current medical conditions.

Frenchie’s Ideal Home

Frenchie is from working stock so needs to be kept active and stimulated, else she could become bored and destructive.

It would be best if someone was at home most of the time, but she could be left for short periods on her own or with another dog as company.

We prefer that Frenchie does not go to a home with very small children as she is quite big and excitable, and smaller kids can overstimulate her.

A house with garden would also be ideal as she loves playing around outside.

If you think you can provide Frenchie  with an ideal home, and are interested in meeting her, please send Monika your details on or give her a call on (02) 9486 3133.

Her public adoption profile is available on our website here: Frenchie


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