Dasher is a young and bright Staffy x Wolfhound boy, born on Christmas Day 2020.  As he is now over two years old it is time for him to find his forever family.  He has been in foster care with a family and dog since birth, and has been trained and socialised, knowing “leave it”, “drop it”, “sit”, “lie”, “down”, “stay”, “stand” and “heel”.

He is a big boy, weighing about 40kgs.

He loves walks, and meeting other dogs, but he is strong so needs a firm handler.

He is also very playful and likes games such as fetch and tug.  He loves strokes and cuddles, but does not like being bathed! He is happy around visitors but they must be aware of his strength and size!  For that reason it is probably safest (and polite) to keep him apart from tradesmen.

Despite his size, he has been described as a little shy, so for that reason it is best to introduce new people to him gently.

Dasher’s Ideal home:

Dasher is a large active dog, and needs a house with garden to play around in.   He can cope with a similar- sized doggie housemate, but would be too rough if you have a smaller or older dog (say under 20-25kg).

He gets on fine with kids and adults, but we don’t want him to go to home with children under under 10yrs, simply because of his size.

He has been known to bark in a defensive way at some men, so it may take one or two visits to befriend him.

If you have young kids at home, or small dogs, then please don’t apply for Dasher!

He does not appear to suffer from separation anxiety.  In his foster home he was left for several hours at a time, and the neighbours said he was quiet.

He does not like being left outside in the dark, so if you went out in the evenings it would be perfect if you could find a space inside for him to rest comfortably.

If you think you can provide Dasher  with an ideal home, and are interested in meeting him, please send Monika your details on monika@doggierescue.com or give her a call on (02) 9486 3133.

His public adoption profile is available on our website here: Dasher



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