Nellie & Bonnie came into our lives in March 2012 when we adopted them from DoggieRescue. Two of the dearest little dogs we could hope to have in our family.

We lost Bonnie back in July 2012 far too soon; her Memorial is on this site.

We have now lost our darling Nellie on 3rd November 2017; we had her for nearly 6 years. She was the most perfect little dog with a really lovely personality. She always gave you the warmest welcome when you got home, rushing around and wanting to play and bringing you her toys. We have wooden floors with rugs so she would jump from rug to rug as she would slip on the floor because she was running so fast. At bedtime she would make sure she was off to the bedroom first so she did not get left behind. If she was asleep in one of her beds which she had in nearly every room in the house, as soon as you turned off the lamp she would leap up and head for the bedroom, she always got there first.

The house seems empty and quiet now she’s gone. She made our lives really wonderful, everywhere we went in the house she would go. She did not like being left behind she just loved being near us.

She had a unique personality and did a lot of funny things, like in the winter she would sit in front of the wood fire and look over her shoulder much as to say, when are you going to light this fire. Then we would light it and she would just lie there happy. If she wanted to go out she would walk over to the glass sliding doors and tap on the glass and wait, if you did not open it she would tap again. She never barked to go out or in she just taped on the door. She was really one of the family; I don’t know what we are going to do without her. She loved going for walks down by the river where we would meet all the other dogs. She had a few special dogs she really liked and would run to meet them.

Nellie also developed a bad heart, she was on treatment for several years but lately it had got worse. She was also nearly blind and deaf and was getting arthritis. She was about 16 years old. Like us humans, old age catches up with us all. We had tried all the possible treatments but she was just getting worse. We knew it was time; we did not want her to die alone so we got the vet to come to us so we did not have to take her to the surgery. Our lovely vet, who has been with us all through with Bonnie and now Nellie but there was nothing else that could be done. We could not bury her in the garden as it’s to small so we had her cremated and now have her ashes.

We will always remember all the great times we had with Bonnie and especially Nellie, we have some great pictures. At least both dogs had a good home for their old age, and we know we did our best for them.

Rest in peace our dear lovely Nellie we will never forget you or Bonnie.
Maureen & Bill


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