Molly Le Roy


Dear Monika and team,

We adopted our little Molly from you in late October 2013 when she was around eight. She was a ‘foster fail’ who we brought home in June that year and we’d made the decision to keep her only hours before she had her first adoption appointment with someone else! Despite discovering I was allergic to dogs only three weeks after we first brought her home – we had fallen completely in love with her and she wasn’t going anywhere.

Just last week after we noticed her breathing had become quite laboured (though she had otherwise seemed fine), the vet gave us the devastating news that she had advanced lung cancer and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go. After a long walk in the park, and all her favourite foods and snuggles for one last day, she went to sleep in our arms as we stroked her and told her we loved her.

Over the last four and a half years, she made the most of her position at the centre of our household, squeezing herself in between us each night on the sofa to fall asleep to pats, tummy rubs and ear scrunchies, and following us everywhere to keep an eye on proceedings (her ears finely attuned to the crackling of packets just in case there were treats to be had). She made it clear she would not tolerate a ‘no dogs on the bed’ policy and enjoyed being tucked up toasty under her fleecy blanket right by our sides.

She loved tennis balls above all things and would chase them for hours (she found one in the toy basket on the first day we met her in Monika’s office which Monika let her keep); she loved eating peas, raw carrot and red apple (as well as cheese and cat biscuits when she could sniff those out and steal them); she loved my parents when they came to dog sit her, especially my dad; she loved to bark and annoy the neighbours (and any other dogs who dared to pass by); and most of all she loved us. We are lost without her.

The last two photos I’ve attached were taken on her last day with us. Thank you Monika for finding her and caring for her until we could bring her home, she made us happy every single day and we are so grateful to have loved her.

Karen and Dominic Le Roy


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