This is Minnie who you (or Rae) named Trixie. You rescued her from Pittwater pound when you were in S.Turramurra. The story was that an old lady’s dog died and she wanted a ‘small female dog’. When she saw Minnie, she said she was ugly and didn’t take her. It was meant to be as we had just lost our beautiful dachshund Crystal and I wanted to have a small female. Rae was fostering Minnie at the time. Minnie had cancer in her mammary glands about 4+ years ago. Vet said that if we did nothing, she would die within 3 months. We had the tumour removed, put her through chemo and she survived. Early last year, she developed kidney problems. By last December, her kidneys packed up and she went to the Rainbow Bridge. She would have been about 16 yrs old. She was a lovely girl.


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