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We are always looking for volunteers

Rescuing dogs and other pets means there is always a lot of work to do. Join our dedicated team of volunteers who are always in desperate need of extra hands to help care for our doggies, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Read on to find out more about volunteering and current volunteer jobs.

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If you are unable to foster or volunteer directly but are still looking for a way in which to help DoggieRescue, you may be able to assist with the donation of goods we are searching for to make the lives of our pets and carers a little easier.

If you can help out with any of the items listed below, we'd love to hear from you!

Volunteer Opportunities for all experience levels

  • With no experience you can walk our dogs or even transport them between various locations
  • With minimal training you can help in the office or promoting us at off-site events
  • We can provide more intensive training so that you can help with feeding our dogs and cats or even assisting our kennel hands
  • Experienced volunteers can even go on to advanced tasks including work placement for those studying in fields related to animal care
    Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, DoggieRescue is not able to support teenagers wanting to volunteer at the shelter to fulfil that section of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.
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Buy Merchandise

Check out our fabulous range of merchandise, available from our Ingleside shelter

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As surely as the sun will rise... there will be laundry at Doggiewood


We wash about 20 loads of washing each day. You can either pick up laundry from our shelter at Ingleside and take it home and bring it back folded when convenient or visit the shelter between 10am – 3pm Tue – Sun to help with hanging up laundry and folding once dry. Alternatively, we also have some paid laundry work on a casual basis -- call us on 9486 3133 or email

Need to know more?

Rescuing cats and dogs means there is always a lot of work to do.

If there is something else you can help us with, or if you need to know more, just contact us using one of the methods shown on the following link.  We'd love to hear from you!

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