Dear Monika,

I have heard the sad news of Errol’s passing. I can imagine how upset you and Rod must be and want to send my deepest sympathy to you both. I also heard you may adopt Cico, I am very happy to hear that and feel it was meant to be that she stays with you both.

I have attached a little farewell poem I have written for Errol to celebrate his life and the love he gave to us all.

Love from,

Teresa,Bounce & Minti xxx

A Poem for Errol

Errol Bear

We hoped you would stay longer
It’s hard to say goodbye
No more to see your handsome face
Your gentle twinkling eye

It seems that you are needed
To be with all the rest
Who did not make it through our doors
‘Send Errol, he’s the best’

They want your cheerful nature
They long to see your smile
Their need greater than ours dear lad
You must go for a while

Farewell our Bear we’ll miss you
Too short here was your stay
Our hearts are full from knowing you
In love you led the way


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