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Deciding to get a dog is a truly exciting moment in the life of a person or family. It is also one of the most significant. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of confusing a dog with a toy, and they get a dog as an impulse purchase to satisfy the pleas of their children, without thinking through the very significant and permanent consequences of dog ownership.

These purchases very often end badly, for both the owner and the dog. Once the novelty of the dog wears off, the children often turn their attention to other ‘toys’. The adults meanwhile are left with the daily responsibility of feeding, exercising and socialising the dog. And if they weren’t particularly interested in the dog to begin with, this responsibility can quickly wear very thin. The end result in many of these cases is that the dog is relegated permanently to the backyard, sometimes even tied up, without access to the family, or without regular exercise or attention. The family is burdened with a responsibility they wish they didn’t have, and the dog is miserable and confused.

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Are we trying to turn you off getting a Doggie Rescue dog? Absolutely not!

We just urge you to think very hard about whether having a dog is going to be the right decision for you and your family. Getting a dog because the kids want one is generally not a good reason, unless the parents truly want one too. And it’s not the sort of decision that you can make, thinking, ‘Well, let’s try it, and if it doesn’t work, we can always get rid of it.’ Getting a dog is not like growing a moustache -you can’t just shave it off again if you don’t like it!

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