Crunchie came into our lives in July 2008. He was a very special little boy who brought immense joy and love into our home along side our other DoggieRescue dog, Rosie (previously known as Marilyn).

He loved to roll over on his back, have his tummy rubbed and his back scratched. Crunchie was always looking out the front door to see who is walking by. He particularly enjoyed running around at Artarmon oval chasing other dogs. We occasionally took the dogs to our cottage in Bowral where he ran around the large backgarden with the neighbour’s dogs. Every evening, he would lie on my lap and enjoyed being stroked and told how much i loved him.

Sadly, Crunchie developed a tumour in his chest that could not be treated. We were faced with the agonising decision of surgery that could have killed him or euthanasia but he made the decision for us when he passed away on Wednesday evening, 15 April. I cuddled him for last time until late that evening. I am grief stricken not only because he was the first dog i have lost ever but also because we had a very special bond. Crunchie used to follow me everywhere, i miss his little footsteps desperately.


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