In Loving Memory



When we first started to foster Buttons, she was severely traumatized – an absolute nervous wreck. Goodness knows how much and from what she must have suffered in her poor life. She was also quite a sick little dog, with various ailments, and her coat was so matted it could not be brushed. She was a sorry sight.

Slowly but surely over the following months she improved; we were thrilled to see after 3 weeks or so that she could actually wag her tail! She and our other foster doggie became good friends, and she started to copy Santa a little when he got excited on our arrival home after an hour or so away. She grew to love her walks, and again it was a special thrill when she first started to run, looking so pleased with herself at achieving something so basic, but which she had obviously not experienced before.

We feel so privileged and grateful that we has the opportunity to know Buttons and to enjoy seeing her slowly come out of her shell and become something approaching a normal dog. For this we sincerely than DoggieRescue

For Buttons, the sweetest little doggie you could hope to meet, who regrettably died last Friday, of heart and respiratory disorders.


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