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A Tribute to Twinkletoes “Bunny”

From Wendy & Roy Castle


Looking through the August 2008 addition of DR Magazine I stopped at page 21. There was the face of the doggie I wanted. She was smiling at me from the page with the caption – ‘adopt me’. After going through the adoption process, Twinkletoes was on her way home with us.

Despite her age of 10 years, she had plenty of energy on the daily walk – like the ‘energizer bunny’- so she became known as Bunny.


Bunny settled into like at Winston Hills as though she had always been here. She was gentle, trusting and so tolerant with those who helped her with her health issues.

In the early hours of May 12th 2012 she suffered a massive seizure. Bunny passed away in my arms at the ARH Baulkham Hills, this was one fight that was too great for our dear sweet Bunny.

We loved her so much and feel so saddened by her passing but at the same time privileged to have had her in our lives. You were so right “a gentle dear girl”. Thank you Monika and DoggieRescue.


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