Bonnie & Nellie came into our lives in March 2012 when we adopted them from DoggieRescue. Two of the dearest little dogs, who travelled so well in the back of the car, all the way to Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast, with two people they did not know.

Bonnie really connected with me and followed me everywhere I went. She did not like to let me out of her sight. She was a very loving and gentle dog, always careful when taking food from your hand not to hurt you. She was starting to learn how to play by watching Nellie, chasing a ball and bringing it back and playing with me on the floor. We all went out together to the beach and the park and Bonnie was starting to live her life.

About three weeks ago Bonnie was walking back to the house from the garden when she suddenly fell over sideways; when she got up she did not know where she was for a moment. From that time on she started having coughing fits and having trouble breathing and when this happened she panicked. We took her to the vet and after having x-rays found that she had an enlarged heart and fluid on the lungs. Despite all the heart treatments and two very caring vets she just steadily got worse. When they told me she only had about a week to live I was horrified as we had only had her for three and a half months, too short a time to really get to know her. Right to the end she struggled to go outside to the toilet at the end of the garden, it was heart breaking to watch her.

On Friday the 13th July we decided this was the time, we just could not let her suffer any more and she was not going to recover, and despite the fact that we did not want to let her go, we had no choice. The last two nights we did not think she would make it through and I did not want to let her die on her own. We got the vet to come to our house so she would not have to go throug h travelling in the car and being stressed. She was in her bed in the house by the fire, when the vet arrived she was already nearly asleep, so she passed away very peacefully. She is now buried in our garden in a patch under the leaves of the banana trees which will give her cover from the wind and rain. It’s a lovely spot and Bonnie liked our garden.

Nellie really misses her and so do we.

Rest in peace our dear lovely Bonnie, we will never forget you.

Maureen, Bill & Nellie


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