RIP Bendi from the Lakin Family


RIP our tiny little Bendi Bum, passed away today 8th October 2012. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

My daughter and I met Bendi back in 2004 and fell madly in love. She was with her long time companion Maxi. They were surrendered together at the local pound and just before their number was up, DoggieRescue came calling and gave them another chance at life. And we are so thankful for that.

Maxi and Bendi were a “package deal”, and the way they stuck by each other you could tell they had a long history together. My daughter and I spent months planning a move to a house so we could take care of them properly. When the day finally arrived to adopt them and take them home we were so excited. We thank Von at DoggieRescue so much for looking after them during the months that we organized our home.

When we adopted Bendi she had an estimated age of about 10 – which is not a young dog. However, despite her formative age and diminutive size (Chihuahua), she was a plucky little character with that classic ‘big dog in a little dog’ personality. Even the German Shepherd next door gave her a very wide berth!

In recent years Bendi enjoyed a wonderful retirement with my mother, preferring the quiet life while Maxi enjoyed a beach lifestyle with me and my daughter. It was only until recently they reunited, now Maxi quite long in the tooth himself.

Bendi died today. She left this world in her favourite bed with her favourite person (my mother) and her favourite vet (Dr Angus) close by her side. She deserved every happiness that we hoped we could provide to her as a family and we are so grateful for the happiness she gave us in return.

All the best to our very special Bendi and thank you DoggieRescue xxx



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