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Become a Doggie Rescue Life Saver

Become a Doggie Rescue Life Saver!

Signing up as a Doggie Rescue Life Saver is an easy way to express your love and commitment to the doggies that no one else cares about.

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We welcome one-off tax-deductible donations at any time.

The best way is to donate on-line using PayPal or your credit card, just click on the Donate button below.

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Leaving a Bequest


There are millions of pets in Australia and the majority of them spend their entire lives in kind and loving homes where they are treated as one of the family. Some pets though are not as lucky. Whether they are carelessly lost or cruelly abandoned, provides a lifeline for many hundreds of pets every year. It is for these unfortunate animals that exists. gives all these pets a second chance in life. Despite providing this service receives no public funding, relying entirely on public donations. It costs over $1m per year to run

Legacies are very important to our current income, and this page will tell you how you can help by leaving a legacy in your Will for the pets who will find their way to us in the future.

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