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We are a no-kill shelter, rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs from death row in Sydney's pounds
  Volunteer and Paid Jobs  

Disability Group Co-ordinator

DoggieRescue is looking for a volunteer to help co-ordinate the bookings for a number of small disability groups that come to DoggieRescue for pet therapy.
This will also involve liaising with DoggieRescue’s Disability Group Supervisor who will be at the shelter to assist with and supervise these visits.
The role would take approximately 3-4 hours per week.

Ideally you would need to have some experience with co-ordinating, managing and scheduling meetings via email, phone and text.
Good communication skills will be needed as you will be liaising with DoggieRescue's Office Manager, DoggieRescue’s Disability Group Supervisor, disability groups and individuals.
The volunteer would need to have access to a gmail account and gmail calendar (or similar) for emails and creating and scheduling visits.

Please email Monika.

IT Support and Web Development

We are needing the services of a volunteer IT specialist who can spare roughly 10+ hours per week on average to maintain and support the DoggieRescue IT infrastructure.

Here is a list of the key skills required:
* HTML/Javascript development
* PHP Web development
* MYSQL databases – queries development and management
* Microsoft Azure administration and development skills
* Office365 management and administration - includes password resets, new user creation etc
* Remote laptop setup and support for various volunteers
* Wordpress setup and administration

Please contact Monika if you are able to assist.

Childrens Group Visits to Doggie Rescue

We love kids at Doggie Rescue! Whether you are a Scout group, Girl Guides, birthday party or just a group of friends who love dogs,  Doggie Rescue would be delighted for you to come and visit our doggies and learn about our shelter!  All we ask is the following:

  • School group visits from 2015 can be organised for weekday afternoons (depending on availability)
  • Birthday parties and other groups are weekends only from 2pm
  • Maximum 10 children (1 adult per 5 children) ­adults will need to bring ID and all children will need to wear trainers or other closed in type shoes on their feet
  • There is no cost involved but a donation is always gratefully received (Doggie Rescue  receives no Government funding and relies heavily on donations)
  • Booking at least 3 weeks in advance is essential by emailing  Amanda at

Please note that Monika’s Doggie Rescue is a working shelter so on the day you visit it may be very noisy (dogs bark) and it may be smelly!

Our shelter can be found at 2 McGowan Rd, Ingleside (turn off Mona Vale rd on to Tumburra Rd, follow Tumburra rd until the very end, turn left at the T­junction.

We look forward to seeing you really soon! 

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate groups are particularly welcome to spend their community volunteer days at our Doggiewood shelter at Ingleside where more than 100 dogs reside.

We can currently only handle small groups of 6 or less people, Tuesday to Thursday. However, as DoggieRescue is so popular, bookings are essential and need to be made WELL IN ADVANCE.

Contact us for details at

Laundry Help

We wash about 20 loads of washing each day. You can either pick up laundry from our shelter at Ingleside and take it home and bring it back folded when convenient or visit the shelter between 10am – 3pm Tue – Sun to help with hanging up laundry and folding once dry. Alternatively, we also have some paid laundry work on a casual basis -- call us on 9486 3133 or

As surely as the sun will rise, there will be laundry at Doggiewood...
Laundry Help


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