Join our Help a Husky Life Saver Program!


We are so excited to be launching our Help a Husky Life Saver program.

As Monika explains below, our 30 huskies, including Denali (pictured above), need a lot of love, a lot of care, and a lot of money to help them recover and live out their best lives.


You can help us to help them! 


By signing up to our Help a Husky Life Saver program, we will allocate you a Husky to support (or you can choose another one by emailing us).   You will see your name against the dog on our website as a valued Help a Husky Life Saver, and you will receive regular updates about your dog as you follow its progress through to finding its forever home.

For full details, and to sign up as a Help a Husky Life Saver, please click here.






Become a Volunteer

Rescuing dogs means there is always a lot of work to do.

Join our dedicated team of volunteers who are always in desperate need of extra hands to help care for our doggies. Click here to read more about current volunteer jobs.

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