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    Memorial to Barney  



Barney was a tiny dog (an Affenpinscher or Griffon cross) who had not been cared for by his previous owners and found himself in the pound. Initially it was thought that Barney was overweight but his body had slowly filled with fluid over time due to an untreated heart problem. After receiving the best treatment for his illness, Barney was released into foster care. His foster carer understood that Barney’s life may be short due to his poor health but committed to giving him as much love as a little dog could take and hoped that he’d be around for a few months at least.

His foster home included 4 new doggie friends. Barney spent his mornings having a short walk down the road, this was very slow due to his health but he liked to sniff around with his friend Dixie aged 13 and look at the birds flying around, meet the odd neighbour and be carried when he was too tired. In the evenings Barney would accompany everyone to the park, even if he didn’t walk too far it was an interesting outing.

At home he liked to hunt for lizards with his friend Wonder and snooze in the long grass. He relished the choice of comfy beds and yummy food and would snap at any of the others who got too close when he was eating. He never took his eyes off his new mum and loved to be cuddled and kissed, falling asleep in her arms. For a tiny dog, Barney snored like a freight train.

Then after only 5 weeks in his new home, Barney stopped eating. A trip to the vet saw him rally but 3 days later it was time for Barney to leave. His mum held him while he made his final journey and although their time together was short, she will never forget him as he will always have a special place in her heart.

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Memorial to Barney

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