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We are a no-kill shelter, rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs from death row in Sydney's pounds
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13th December 2018
Help Save 50,000 lives!!
31st October 2017
DoggieRescue's 2018 Calendar is out NOW!
26 August 2014
11,000 four legged family members saved from death row
25 June 2014
Essential school holiday travel tips from Monika’s Doggie Rescue
1 May 2014
Dr. Harry - on rescue dogs, you have got it wrong
29 March 2014
4 week old Poodle pup left for dead
22 January 2014
Finding the perfect match just got easier
29 September 2013
After travelling 1500km Zara has come home
24 September 2013
2014 Calendar is a life saver
9 August 2013
Laika’s Amazing Journey
21 May 2013
DoggieRescue’s Miss Maude faces euthanasia
17 April 2013
Sydney pet owners say dogs are living too long
28 December 2012
New Years Eve tips for pet safety
27 June 2012
Response to Companion Animals Taskforce Discussion Paper
23 May 2012
Our four legged friends need four wheels!
23 April 2012
Can you help feed our four legged friends?
December 2011
Owners chose to euthanase new puppy with broken leg
28 June 2011
Meet Bobbie Dove a most unpopular dog
09 May 2011
Volunteers in a labour of love
27 April 2011
Dogs that stand out in a crowd
23 March 2011
NSW kills 150 dogs and cats each day
08 February 2011
Please sir, can I have some more?
09 November 2010
She’s cute but she’s old... so please put her down
12 September 2010
Tiny, Terrified and Bites
23 August 2010
Rescued dogs won't go hungry
07 August 2010
Nelson’s vision is restored!
02 July 2010
My name is Sunshine...something I will never see
23 June 2010
School holidays doom doggies at council pounds
31 May 2010
Blind Cocker Spaniel ran out of options…
24 April 2010
Lots of mouths to feed!
22 March 2010
Doggie Rescue desperately needs foster carers to save lives this Easter
10 March 2010
When the pounds are full and DoggieRescue has no room, we get this letter…
20 November 2009
City lights lift the hearts of doggies
29 October 2009
"Get some meat on those bones"
06 October 2009
For the love of dogs
24 September 2009
How long does it take to fall in love with a dog?
30 August 2009
Without it she would die...
13 August 2009
Can you love an ugly duckling?
19 July 2009
He peed on the carpet and pays with his life
10 June 2009
They tried to drown me…
05 May 2009
Financial hardship bites pure breeds
12 April 2009
Doggie Rescue says "We have a Stay of Execution"
03 April 2009
Doggie Rescue shelter faces closure
11 March 2009
How can someone abandon you like this?
09 February 2009
Slashed with scissors
28 January 2009
What chance has an old dog got?
12 November 2008
The Doggie Rescue elves
02 October 2008
Something called “unconditional love”
23 September 2008
Miracles do happen
15 September 2008
Puppy milled pups are next year’s death row dogs
09 September 2008
Would you abandon your loyal friend?
25 July 2008
It was an answer to a prayer
16 July 2008
Doggie Rescue celebrates its 8,000th adoption
20 June 2008
What is a pound dog worth?
14 May 2008
2 hours a week feeds lots of homeless puppies
29 May 2008
Rescued Shihtzu family face eye removals
11 May 2008
Puppies purchased at a frivolous moment pay with their lives two years later
08 April 2008
Sweetboy was saved from the pound with his eyes glued shut from matted hair
16 April 2008
His eyes just have that vacant stare
28 March 2008
Pound dog shot through the sternum
25 March 2008
Bathtime with Bubbles and Cuddles
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