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We are a no-kill shelter, rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs from death row in Sydney's pounds
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Doggie Rescue Life Savers For thousands of Sydney families, life without the joy and companionship of their Doggie Rescue dog is unthinkable.

Yet, these cherished pets narrowly escaped destruction in council pounds.

The scale of the problem is unimaginable. In the past year, over 63,000 perfectly healthy dogs in NSW council pounds faced a lonely end by lethal injection. We can only imagine their bewilderment and fear.

Doggie Rescue currently saves over 1000 dogs every year. In weekly trips to council pounds our volunteers save as many dogs as possible. These become “our dogs”, receiving immediate medical care, de-sexing, vaccination and micro-chipping before joining scores of others to await a loving family at our shelter, “DoggieWood”, in Ingleside.

Please help us to continue our work….become a DoggieRescue Life Saver

Our dogs receive veterinary care, rehabilitation, love, food and shelter until they are fostered or adopted into a loving home.

The running costs of our operation are considerable and increasing. We receive no government funding and rely exclusively on donations.

In this economic climate our need for support has never been greater.

Signing up as a Doggie Rescue Life Saver is an easy way to express your love and commitment to the doggies that no one else cares about. With your regular monthly contribution our life-saving work will continue.

  • Your contribution of $29 per month pays for the food & shelter costs for 1 doggie
  • Your contribution of $49 per month pays for the food, shelter and veterinary costs for 1 doggie
  • Your contribution of $79 per month pays for food, shelter and veterinary costs and contributes to the expansion of our program – there are thousands more lives to be saved
With your help we can continue...
Please sign up now.

$29 per month – Food & Shelter Supporter
$49 per month – Food, Shelter & Veterinary Costs
$79 per month – Food, Shelter, Veterinary and Program Expansion
$ per month - Life Saver Supporter - set your own amount - (minimum $10)

Click here for the postal formYou can also sign up by Direct Debit and credit card without using the Internet. Simply downloadand print the Direct Debit / Credit Card authority form and send it back to us. The address is on the form. Our form is is Adobe Acrobat PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to open it. This can be freely downlaoded from

For information on canceling an existing subscription please click here.

Julie and Fossy's Story


Fossie’s Story

Hello, my name is Fossie.

I am 13 years old, and these days I am grey and not quite as fast as I once was. My favourite time of day is when my Mum, Julie, comes home. I hear her at the gate. I fetch my favourite toy and I get so excited that I tremble. We go to the park together, and I run on my tippy toes in the long grass. I love exploring interesting smells and pathways. I love my dinner and falling asleep on my doona in front of the TV. I don’t have as many bad dreams anymore.

My life has not always been like this. I remember being pushed out of a car by the side of the road. I remember being terrified of the traffic. I remember cowering behind some bins. Somehow along the way I badly hurt my front leg – it still makes me cry sometimes.

I remember the council pound – the cold concrete pens and gates. I could not escape and I was very frightened and alone. I saw other dogs taken away. They did not come back. I was sure something terrible was going to happen to me.

I am not sure why I was chosen but I was. Someone I never met picked me up and cuddled me. I could not stop trembling. I had a bath, I settled into a cosy bed. I was in a place where I could run around with lots of other dogs just like me. People were kind to me. I was at DoggieRescue. I felt safe here.

The day my Mum came along was a great day. She saw me, and she said I looked sad. We went for a walk and she said I was her special little man. She loves me and I love her.

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