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We are a no-kill shelter, rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs from death row in Sydney's pounds
  Foster a Dog  


As a foster parent you commit to care for the dog in a loving and safe environment until a permanent home is found.

Fostering duration can vary from a few months to up to a year or so. Please note that puppies and highly desired dogs are not placed in foster care.

Even though foster care is temporary, it can be a long term commitment, and you will need to:

- Have suitable experience with the type/needs of the dog and be prepared to housetrain if required (we will provide advice on how to do this)

- Contact your Foster Coordinator on a fortnightly basis (phone or email)*

- To assist with the possible adoption of the dog by meeting with potential owners at our shelter at Ingleside, Sydney and providing relevant information on the animal, its temperament and needs. Appointments are usually booked for weekends.

- Pay $200 deposit (refundable when dog is adopted or continuous if you remain fostering)

- Advise us of any health issues or injuries and get approval from DoggieRescue prior to incurring any veterinary costs

- Be prepared to keep the dog until it finds a home

* Your Foster Coordinator will be based as close to you geographically as possible and is an experienced dog owner/handler able to offer or seek advice on any training/behavioural issues. This person will also field all initial enquiries about the dog.


If you are interested in becoming a Foster Carer please contact Doggie Rescue on 02 9486 3133. All Foster Carers need to complete the Foster Questionnaire form to help us find the right foster dog for you.

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