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We are a no-kill shelter, rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs from death row in Sydney's pounds
  Adopt a Rabbit  

All rabbits are vaccinated against Calicivirus and all male rabbits are desexed. We ask re-imbursement of the vaccination cost of $40.00 and the vaccination card is given to the new owner. We also gratefully accept any donation toward the desexing costs of the male rabbits. The females are not desexed unless otherwise stated. The rabbits live in a communal area on a balcony and are handled daily.

Rabbits adopted from us can always be returned should the owner be unable to care for
them. For further details please call Monika on 02 9486 3133 or send us an email

Adoption is having a rabbit for life. Please fill out the Rabbit Questionaire available from our forms page, and read the guides on BunnyBusiness.

You can e-mailor fax (02 9486 3136) your form to us & list the rabbits you would like to see.

Monika's Bunnies Video

Monika's Bunnies

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For further details please call Monika on 0429 044 484 or e-mail

House Rabbit Society
Want to know more about pet rabbit care? Contact the House Rabbit Society in the US

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